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Spring Oak provides several levels of specialized services to meet each individual's needs. These programs are specifically tailored and combined to promote the highest level of independence and health.

This approach to care focuses on enhancing quality of life through the provision of individualized services in areas of nutrition, health care and recreational activity.


The Bridges Memory Support program at Spring Oak of Toms River celebrates and embraces the different experiences and life histories of each resident. Our program of traditional and innovative activities promotes not only physical wellness, but social and cognitive success as well as psychological enrichment. With no specific times or time limits, our activities cater to the needs of the residents on each day at each moment.

Building our program around the resident’s strengths, such as daily chores like mending and housework allows for a sense of comfort and familiarity. With our knowledge and understanding of memory care, we emphasize cognitive programs in the morning when mental clarity is better and physical tasks in the afternoon as sun-downing and anxiety can occur. (click here to read more)

Spring Oak, rooted in tradition, provides residents with opportunities to share life experiences while continuing to flourish and grow.

You have already taken an important first step in obtaining for you or your loved one the finest lifestyle and care possible. We invite you to contact us online, by phone or mail for additional information. We look forward to the pleasure of your company for a tour, a cup of tea, or just a hello in the near future.



Our in-house therapy provider, Fox Rehabilitation, delivers clinically excellent physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to our residents. Fox believes people deserve the best life possible regardless of past and current medical conditions. They believe in the strength of people and rehabilitate lives through evidence-based interventions.

Fox clinicians work with the body, encourage the spirit, and respect the person, all in the safe haven of home. Therapy services are provided in the comfort of our residents’ own apartments and are covered under Medicare Part B, which allows Fox to provide the correct level and length of care, as dictated by each unique individual’s need.

To learn more about Fox Rehabilitation, please click on the following link: